Article n°1: Organizing company

MKG GROUP SAS having its registered office at 5 rue de Danzig 75015Paris, and represented by Mr. Vanguélis PANAYOTIS, President (hereinafter also referred to as the "Organizing Company" or "the Organizer") is organizing on Wednesday 29th of May, 2024, an international event entitled the "Young Talent Awards", according to the terms and conditions described in these rules.

Article n°2: Presentation of the event

MKG GROUP is organizing the Young Talent Awards, a global student competition that rewards the best student initiatives in the hospitality sector from all around the world. This international competition is an opportunity for students to showcase their ideas in terms of artificial intelligence, inclusion, and social & environmental responsibility.

Article n°3: Announcement of the event

The event is announced on the following communication media:

Article n°4: Conditions of participation

Participation in the event is open to students and non-students under 26 years old from all around the world studying in the hospitality sector or who are passionate by this industry. Participants must be of legal age (18 or older). Participants (here in after referred to as "Candidates") do not necessarily have to be studying or have studied at a hospitality school or program to take part in the competition. The competition is however not opened to the Organizing Body's employees and their families.

Article n°5: Terms and conditions to participate

To participate in this event, candidates must select a Challenge (defined by companies partnering the event) and form a team of 2 to 3 members.The leader of the group must register and create an account on the application platform to submit its group entry on the following link: https://youngtalent.awardsplatfor
. All the application elements must be in English only.
Every group participating to the Young Talent Awards must fill an online application which will be supervised by the jury within the given deadline. The hospitality groups partnering the event each define a Challenge (topic), and each participating team must choose one and submit its project by providing the following elements:

  • A Word document of no more than 500 words explaining the solutions to the Challenge chosen.
  • A creative Video Pitch of 1’30”maximum during which one every member must present the solutions.
  • A PDF Presentation (the provided template by the Organizing Body must be used)
  • - Slide 1: Challenge cover.
  • - Slide 2: Team presentation.
  • - Slide 3 to 5: Presentation of your solutions.
  • - Slide 6: Include your pitch video here.
  • - Slide 7: Your contacts information.
  • A group photo (in HD).  
  • An individual photo of each member (in HD).
  • The resume (Curriculum Vitae) of each member.

The candidates expressly grant the Organizing Body the right to use the logo of their schools on its websites  and, as well as the right to use the documents provided in the Candidates application to animate the ceremony, the website of the Young Talent Awards, and articles on, online accessible worldwide, for the duration of the legal protection in France of the intellectual property rights relating to the said logos.

Shortlisted finalists will have to present to their Challenger Jury their project during a 15-minute video meeting, followed by a 10-minute Questions & Answers session.

Completed applications must be submitted online on the YTA website by the candidates who give permission to the organizer to publish them on the above-mentioned websites and during the event. In the case where the candidate does not wish to publish certain documents, he/she must inform the organizer in advance. In any case, the organizer will not be held responsible for the publication of the documents given.

The student shall also ensure that the application file complies with the laws and regulations in force in France. In particular, the Applicant guarantees that the application file will not contain any elements that are contrary to good morals, insulting, defamatory, infringing, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc.

For these themes, the winning team is chosen by the members of the jury corresponding to the Challenger they have chosen.

Article n°6: Participation inthis event is free of charge

No participation fees will be charged in the episode 1 of 2024 happening the 29th of May. Candidates have until the 25/04/2024 – 11:59pm (Paris time – GMT +1) to submit their group project on the following application website: https://youngtalent.awards

Each application selected among the finalists is including an invitation for each member for the Young Talent Awards ceremony that will take place on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, and the Hospitality Operator Forum event taking place on the same day, at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, 2 rue Scribe, 75009, Paris.

Article n°6 bis: Participation in the Event

The participation of the public in the award ceremony is free of charge and is done by registering with the Organizer at the following address: 5 rue de Dantzig 75015 Paris / until two days prior the Event, on Monday, May 27, 2024, included.

Due to the limited number of places available, Hospitality ON reserves the right to give priority to finalists, hoteliers, clients, Hospitality ON members, Hospitality Operator Forum participants, and partners, according to the quotas set by profile category.

Participants in the event agree that their name and photograph may be used in online publicity materials (websites, print magazines, articles (etc.) of the Organizing Company) in connection with the Young Talent Awards and for a period of ten (10) years from the date of their participation in the awards ceremony, without reference, payment, or compensation.

Article n°7: Juries

The jury is composed of members of the Young Talent Awards Challengers.

Each Challenger (hospitality group partner) has a specific jury, composed of 3 to 5 members from the Challenger company. The pre-selection of the three finalists’ groups will be made by the Organizing Body to ensure the quality of the applications presented to the Challenger’s Jury.  The selection of the Winning Teams will be made by the Challenger’s Jury. It guarantees the smooth running of the selection stages by defining the topics and the rules of the event.

Article n°8: Selection criteria and procedures

Selection procedures:
The determination of the finalists and winner may follow a process containing up to different stages. No information on the selections will be revealed before the day of the ceremony, neither by the juries, nor by the organizing team or any other person who has access to the results before the ceremony.

Pre-selection by the Organizing body:
The Organizing Body will pre-select the three best groups per Challenge and will then contact them so they can start to prepare their Online 15-minute meeting project presentation to their Challenger’s Jury.

Selection of the winning team by the Challenger:
The Challenger’s Jury will conduct three video-conference interviews with the three groups selected for its Challenge. Following these three meetings and based on the criteria below, the Challenger jury will decide on the winning team. A winning team will be chosen by each Challenger.

  • Presentation and Communication.
  • - Clarity of speech.
  • - Professional attitude.
  • Understanding of the Challenge problematic.
  • Ability to think "out of the box".
  • Alignment with theChallenge and expressed needs.
  • Feasibility of implementation. 
  • Potential impact in terms of improvement comparing to existing solutions. 
  • Discussion during the Q&A session.

The organizing company cannot be held responsible for the results of the votes due to the delay in receiving the application files. The results of the votes will not be communicated to the candidates. Results will be revealed during the Young Talent Awards final ceremony in Paris on May, 29, 2024.

Article n°9: Allocations/
Grand prize

Each finalist will benefit from the following prizes:

  • Invitation to the Hospitality Operator Forum conferences in Paris (same day as the Young Talent Awards Grand Finale).
  • Invitation to the Young Talent Awards Grand Finale.
  • Diploma accrediting you as a finalist.
  • An individual diploma attesting to the finalist status of each group will be awarded to each candidate. This prize have no financial value.

Each winner will benefit from the following prizes:

  • Invitation to the Hospitality Operator Forum  conferences in Paris (same day as the Young Talent Awards Grand Finale).
  • Invitation to the Young Talent Awards Grand Finale.
  • One-year digital subscription to Hospitality ON  articles:
  • An individual diploma will be awarded to each member of the winning teams. This prize has no financial value.
  • A personalized trophy for each member of the winning team.
  • Each hospitality company (“Challenger”) has the right to award the grand prize they wish within the legal regulations of the country. The organizing committee will not be held responsible in case of non-respect of the laws by the Challengers or Candidates.

Article n°10: Identification of winners and elimination of participation

The Candidates and participants in the Young Talent Awards competition accept that the Organizing Body reserves the right to verify their identity and any information contained in the registration form. Application forms that are not fully completed and/or contain incomplete or false contact information will not be taken into consideration and will result in the elimination of the participation.

Article n°11: Modification of the dates of the event and extension of the number of prizes

The Organizing Body shall not incur any liability whatsoever if it is forced to cancel the present event in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control. The Organizing Body also reserves the right, within the limits provided for by the law in force, to extend or limit the participation period, to postpone it or to modify the conditions, and may not be held liable in this regard. Additions and modifications may be made to these rules. They will be considered as amendments to these rules. The amendment to the present rules will be filed with the bailiff's office that holds the present rules.

Article n°12: Use of the winners' identity

The Candidates agree that their name, first name, position, city of residence as well as any recording of their image or the sound of their voice made during the awards ceremony may appear for ten (10) years from the date of their participation in the awards ceremony on online advertising media (the Organizing Company's websites, communication media (brochures, application files, invitation card, emailing, press publications, Hospitality ON magazine) and printed materials related to the Hospitality Awards or Young Talent Awards, worldwide and without reference, payment or compensation other than the awarding of their trophy / diploma.

Article n°13: Interpretation of the regulation and attribution of jurisdiction

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of these rules shall be decided solely by the Organizing Body. No written or verbal request concerning the mechanism of the event, or the interpretation of the rules will be answered. In accordance with the provisions of Article 2254 of the French CivilCode, any action by Candidates against the Organizing Body arising from the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance, interruption or termination of these rules shall be barred within one year of the award ceremony.

These rules (including their interpretation and any disputes arising from them) are governed by French law.


These rules (including their interpretation and any disputes arisingfrom them) are governed by French law.

Article n°14: « Informatique et libertés » Law

Personal data of participants and Candidates will be collected and processed solely for the purposes of organizing the Event. In accordance with the law "informatique et libertés" of January 6, 1978, each participant and each Candidate has the right to access, rectify or delete information concerning him/her by sending a letter to the following address Hospitality ON - Hospitality Awards 5 rue de Dantzig, 75015 PARIS France. All participants and candidates may object to the processing of their data for marketing purposes.

Article n°15: Postal address of the event

The postal address of the event is "Hospitality ON – Young TalentAwards", 5 rue de Dantzig, 75015 Paris - France.

Article n°16: Transfer of copyright and author's rights

It is expressly agreed that participation in the Event entails the transfer by the Candidates, to the benefit of the Organizing Body, of all copyrights relating to their application file as well as to any element provided within the framework of the Event, except for the logo of their brand.In this regard, the Candidates acknowledge that they are giving up free of charge their rights of reproduction, representation and adaptation of their contribution(s) to the Organizing Body, for the entire world and for the entire duration of the legal protection of said rights in France, on all digital media(websites, social networks, community platforms, mobile applications, etc.) and printed media (books, guides, leaflets, brochures, posters, postcards, etc.)for commercial, promotional and/or advertising purposes by the Organizing Body and for its activities, products and/or services. The Candidate affirms that he/she is the author of the contributions he/she submits and guarantees that the works submitted are original and unpublished. In this respect, the Candidate is responsible for obtaining the authorizations of any third party having directly or indirectly participated in the creation of the contribution and/or who consider that they have any right to claim against it. The Respondent shall be responsible for any payments arising from such authorizations. In general, the Candidate guarantees the Organizing Body against any recourse, action or claim that any third party may make, in any capacity whatsoever, in connection with the exercise of the authorizations granted herein and, more generally, in connection with all guarantees and commitments made under these rules.

The Candidate agrees to hold the Organizing Body harmless from any claims by third parties due to copyright infringement or violation of exploitation or property rights, regardless of the nature thereof. In addition, the Applicant must ensure that the images, sounds, and videos transmitted aspart of the event do not violate the intellectual property rights or image rights of third parties. The Candidate shall be responsible for obtaining from any third party any license or authorization to use these elements in the context of the event and shall also ensure that these elements may be used commercially by the Organizing Body.

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