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Booking.com - How Booking.com together with the hoteliers can improve the "Sustainable Travel Business"?

Sustainability is a critical issue in today's world, particularly in the travel industry. Our objective is to work with Booking.com to address key sustainability challenges faced by the travel sector, including food and water wastage, burning of fossil fuels, lack of sustainable procurement, excessive and irresponsible waste generation and waste disposal.

We are excited to introduce NexusHub, a software programme that can improve sustainability by making use of existing solutions and providing personalised support to hoteliers. NexusHub is designed to simplify sustainability for hotels. Our goal is to assist hotels in identifying and implementing sustainable solutions through a user-friendly platform. Hotels will get a list of relevant and practical solutions from NexusHub, each accompanied by descriptions and information on how to make use of that specific solution. Before giving recommendations, NexusHub will analyse the needs, goals and limitations of a hotel in order to ensure that suitable solutions are suggested.

Hotels that adopt these practices will receive a higher sustainability rating, lower commission fees, and increased visibility on the Booking.com app. This will encourage hoteliers to collaborate with Booking.com in order to be more sustainable. Additionally, customers will earn loyalty points for booking with more sustainable hotels, encouraging eco-friendly travel.

How will NexusHub be developed? Our idea is for Booking.com to use a combination of proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence. Additionally, the idea is that during the developing process, Booking.com will be in contact with industry role-players such as educational institutions and private inventors. These groups will contribute to the various ideas that will be assembled on the NexusHub database, resulting in a large amount of possible solutions on NexusHub that hoteliers can choose from.

We believe that NexusHub has the potential to drive significant change in the travel industry, advancing sustainability practices and reducing environmental impact. By partnering with NexusHub, Booking.com can strengthen its commitment to sustainability and lead the industry towards a greener future.

Winning students

asked questions

Who can participate?


Participants must be of legal age (18 or older) and either a student or under 26 years old. Participation is free of charge.

Do team members have to come from the same school?


Not necessarly. However, each member must be eligible to the competition by respecting the age limit and status.

Do I have to be studying or have studied at a hospitality school or program to take part?


No! All students, regardless of their school, or people under the age of 26 are welcome to take part in the competition.

Can I participate in multiple Challenges with my team?


Yes. You can apply to multiple projects if several appeal to you and you can't decide!

What is the language of the competition?


All documents (audio included) and communication are in English only.

When will I know if my team is selected among finalists?


Results will be shared with you by the latest on April 10th, 2024. Finalist groups will all compete in the final in Paris and receive diplomas. Once the finalists are announced, you can book your tickets to attend the Grand Finale on May 29th, 2024, in Paris in the InterContinental Paris Le Grand 5* hotel.

What happens if my team is selected as a finalist? 


Finalist teams will present their project in a 15-minute video meeting to the Challenger Jury, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

When will I know if my team won the Challenge?


Results will be announced live during the Young Talent Awards Big Finale ceremony in Paris on the 29 May, 2024.


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